Empowerment of Rural Women

Our Lady of Refuge Home for women
At our lady of Refuge home, we provide temporary accommodation, counseling, legal assistance, carrier guidance and training in various skills and trades etc., to very marginalized, troubled and destitute or abandoned women. We also would like to provide a home away from home to the women who are affected by domestic violence, In-Law problems and psychic disorders.

Women Self Employment programs

Le Consal bountiful trust has started a Self Help Women Development Program. This program regroups village women and brings them and their families towards economic and social independence. Our Organization gives income generation training among women self help groups of village women by giving free computer training, tailoring, art & handi-craft training and training to prepare homemade products.

Le Consal bountiful trust understands the difficulties of women. Women live as second class citizen because of many factors, such as lack of education, freedom, finance, job opportunities, skills and lack of proper recognition in the families and in the society at large. To eliminate some of these factors and to help women in different ways, Le Consal bountiful trust through self-help women program plans different activities.

Le Consal bountiful trust believes that the best help that one can give to the woman is to build up their capacities. Capacity to think, to express themselves, to plan and to execute. Some of the activities taken up by LE CONSAL BOUNTIFUL TRUST for women development are: AWARENESS meetings in the villages. Women become aware of their situation and learn to appropriate ways to better themselves economically, socially, intellectually, psychologically and morally. Regular group meetings, discussions and group dynamics bring about the desired affinity between members. The psychological bond between them becomes stronger. They gain unity and group spirit which create togetherness.

Various activities are conducted by us in rural areas to develop awareness among women to be compassionate with persons less fortunate than them, such as the old, blind, sick, orphans, and the handicapped in their own villages.
Informal Education was started from the beginning of the year and over 1000 women have learnt to read and write. Le Consal bountiful trust gave training to 57 special teachers with innovative techniques and new creative approaches in handling the women in reading and writing without much difficulties.

In rural areas LE CONSAL BOUNTIFUL TRUST organize health camps for women. Through this camps group discussions are initiated for women to gain knowledge on HIV / AIDS, family planning, etc. Through eye camps, women also learn to respect the elders and to support them by taking them to camps, for eye operations. The Trust organize Clean and Green Environment programme in rural areas for a clean and healthy village atmosphere.  For this purpose Tree plantation and Kitchen gardens were proposed as practical models. Water & Sanitation is also part of a healthy environment. The Trust has executed several projects  for construction of drinking-water tanks and wells to give access  to safe drinking water for the rural masses.

Home for the Aged
The Aged are not taken care of as effectively as they really deserve, when they are at home. Many old people are left to die without food, proper medication and care due to sheer poverty and negligence and sometimes due to the cruelty of family members. We have come across many NRI families also, who expressed concern about the well being of their elders back home. It is the same when husband & wife go to work. Something good needs to be done. It is here that our trust steps in to create an environment where the aged feel safe, secure, cared and comfortable and to provide a home for their stay as a community so that they don't feel lonely, left out, abandoned or unloved. They will be happy hale & healthy and mentally sound in their new, adopted home.