Medical Care

Medical Activities
  Women’s Health

When it comes to health, women have their own health issues that deserve special consideration. Our aim is to give complete guidance on women’s health related issues and problems that cover everything from reproductive health to mental health to the rural women.

We also talk about achieving and maintaining general health by focusing on topics that are major health concerns for women. All that yourqueries and doubts on reproductive health and sexual health including breast health get answered here by our panel of expert medicaldoctors.

Post treatment and counseling care is also in the ambit of our service.

Hence Short Stay Home is established to give short shelter and aims to regain the self confidence of such ditched women, by rehabilitation skill trainings and counseling. Women in the age range of 15-35 years are admitted in this home. Children up to the age of 7 years are also admitted in the home along with the mothers. These children's primary schooling is borne by the programme which includes expenditures on tuition fees, cost of books and study materials etc. Tailoring, knitting and kitchen garden activities are taught to these residents during their stay. Efforts are also established to mainstream these women in society either through vocational training and promotion of their independent income generating activities.

  Children’s health

Children’s health includes the study of possible environmental causes of children’s illnesses and disorders, as well as the prevention and treatment of environmentally mediated diseases in children and infants. Children are highly vulnerable to the negative health consequences associated with many environmental exposures. Children receive proportionately larger doses of environmental toxicants than adults, and thefact that their organs and tissues are rapidly developing makes them particularly susceptible to chemical insults. Research in children’s health looks at the effects of air pollution on respiratory diseases such as allergies and asthma, the impact of lead, mercury, and other environmental contaminants on cognitive development and behavior, and the influence of prenatal and early life exposures on growth and development. Thus the Le consal bountiful trust plans to take care of all aspects of child health.

  HIV Patient’s Welfare

A Vast numbers of children across the world become infected with HIV every year. Without treatment, thousands die as a result of AIDS. In addition, millions more children who are not infected with HIV are indirectly affected by the epidemic, as a result of the death and suffering that AIDS causes in their families and their communities.

Despite the severity of this situation, many people still think of AIDS as something that affects adults. Some people occasionally think of ‘AIDS babies’, and children who have lost one or both of their parents to AIDS – AIDS orphans – are sometimes in the media. But since HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, is commonly transmitted through sex or drug use, people don’t really think of it affecting children. It does, though – and millions of children around the world continue to have their lives damaged by HIV.

  Drugs and Alcoholic Addicts

We are conducting Awareness Programs for Alcoholics we also take care of the treatment and rehabilitation to the best of our abilities. Alcoholics are identified and educated that alcoholism is a treatable disease and motivated for treatment. Those who enroll for the camp are given wholesome care, treatment and life skills for a rehabilitated life by the Hospital. They are then followed up on a monthly basis for a year.

Treated alcoholics are involved in educating and motivating fellow alcoholics to give up alcohol and to avail treatment in our camp. Encouraged by the success of the program, Le Consal has embarked on a three year project to create Alcohol-free Villages at least in Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur District in Tamilnadu.

  FREE Medical Camps