Child Development

ST. Francis of Assisi Orphanage

Service for Children

It's a well known proverb "Children are gifts of GOD" and no child is born an orphan. In India many children take birth and are left by their bearers alone into a world of poverty and sufferings for no faults of theirs. We at New Life have adopted 58 helpless children from 1˝ to 15 years who have none to take care of. All these tender saplings need your help to get out of this vicious cycle of poverty and exploitation. Most of the children would not be alive if they were not given a helping hand at the right time. There are thousands of deprived children around us and sometime we feel helpless. A small effort from your end would give us immense strength to cater to more of such children left alone by recent tsunami tragedy.

We are involved in the following development Programmes for children at rural areas like: