Le Consal Bountiful Trust (LCBT) is devoted to addressing the development, health care, and well-being of people (particularly women, children and the handicapped) and to create awareness and provoke action on all environmental issues and problems.

The organization will make educational materials available to the general public focusing primarily the following areas and concerns:

1) Education & education research.

2) Early detection and treatment of breast cancer and other widespread health concerns, and related issues of the aforementioned areas: hunger, cancer and women's health, HIV, literacy and environmental care and research.

3) Prevention and treatment of childhood illness, disease, and the general health and well-being of children

4) Aiming to run refuge home for the destitute women, a sort of home away from home to the women, who are affected by domestic violence, In-law problems and psychic disorders.

5) Home for disabled children and street children.

6) To take care of treatment and rehabilitation of the identified drugs and Alcoholic addicts.

7) Alleviating and addressing the root causes of world hunger and food insecurity.

8) To reduce global warming by planting varieties of trees to make the world greener, protecting and restoring clean environment.

9) Conducting Free Eye Camp, Ortho Camp, General Medical Camp and Native medicine application camp to the poor.

10) To give awareness to the people on the following subjects.

a. Education

b. HIV & Aids

c. Drugs and alcoholic addiction.

d. Women Empowerment

e. Early detection and Treatments of breast cancer and uterus problems.

f. Social awareness camp.

g. Legal awareness camp.

h. Medical awareness camp (Native / Herbal Medicines also)

i. Training program Tribal, Folk, Art & Culture.

j. Global warming and environment related issues and concerns.